Prevention of urinary tract infections in diabetes patients

May 27, 2019 , by brojen barman
A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that occurs in the organs responsible for producing, transport and storage of urine including yours bladder and kidneys .UTI can particularly affect people with diabetes as sugar in the the urine makes it easy for the bacteria to multiply.If diabetes is not adequately managed you are twice at risk of UTI than normal people. Symptoms of UTI 1.Frequent urination 2.Fever 3.Burning sensation while passing urine 4.Pain while passing urine 5.Blood in urine Prevetion Tips 1.Do not ignore the urge to pass urine 2.Drink 10-12 glasses of water to flush out the bladder 3.Keep your blood sugar under control 4.Try to empty bladder completely everytime you pass urine 5.Maintain hygiene and wash your hands often 6.Male with prepuce(the skin covering the glans  penis ) should retract and clean it while bathing . If you have notice that you are unable to pull it back as before and it is thickned and there are tears or pain during sexual intercourse –meet your doctor.

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