CANCER OF PENIS Penile carcinoma occurs most commonly in the 60 to 70  years of age.Poor hygiene have been associated with cancer penis.Uncircumsiced person with nonretractable foreskin of penis leads accumulation of secretion (smegma) which cause local irritation/inflammation and cancerous growth.Most patient will notice hard nodule,local itcting,foul smelling discharge,ulcer sometime cauliflower like growth in penis.It is not uncommon to see a elderly with a fungating growth with magot infestation.Treatment include penis preserving resection ,partial penile excision,for advance growth total penile excision with perineal(behind scrotum and in front of anus) urine opening.Groin lymnnodes will need further evaluation and if necessary removal.Cancer which have widely spread may need chemotherapy and or radiotherapy.