KIDNEY CANCER Tumors of kidney can be benign(non cancer) or malignant(cancer). Kidney cancers  occurs most commonly in 50 to 70 years of age.They are twice more common in male than female. The cause of renal adenocarcinoma is unknown. Cigarette smoking is the only risk factor consistently linked to kidney cancer  .There is at  least a 2-fold increase in risk for the development of kidney cancer in smokers. Exposure to certain substance and chemical eg asbestos, has also been associated with an increased incidence of kidney cancer.Some forms of kidney cancer are inherited.Most kidney cancers are clear cell cancer or papillary cancers.Kidney cancers usally present as blood in urine;there may be long worm like clotted blood associated with pain abdomen.with increasing avalibility of ultrasound and CT scan some patients are accidentky diagnosed with renal tumors most of which are small in size.Small kiney tumor may be treated with partial resection of kidney.Large tumor undergo radical kidney excision.Advance tumor or metastatic tumor are treated with chemotherapy.Kidney tumor respond poorly to radiation.