Scrotal sebaceous cyst

March 31, 2021 , by brojen barman
What is a sebaceous cyst of scrotum?
A firm nodule on the skin of the scrotum that is caused by an accumulation of sebum (a thick, greasy, cheese like substance) resulting from sebaceous gland blockage. Sebaceous cysts are very common and can occur in any area of hair-bearing skin, but mostly on the scalp. They are also found on the face, neck, back and scrotum.
How does a sebaceous look like?
Scrotal sebaceous cyst is whitish, yellowish or skin-coloured nodule and vary in size. They are usually the size of a pea. They occur singly or in groups. When multiple they fill up the entire scrotal skin and appear like a cauliflower or a bunch of grapes.
What are the symptoms of sebaceous cysts?
The cysts are usually painless. Cyst becomes painful if it gets infected and may burst to discharge pus.They may cause embarrassment and may be a cause of significant anxiety. They are not sexually transmitted. They are not cancer.
What causes sebaceous cyst of scrotum?
Cause is unclear but duct obstruction of a sebaceous gland in the hair follicle can result into accumulation of the sebum leading to development of cyst. They can develop at any age but are usually first noticed in adult life.
How are sebaceous cysts treated?
They are excised. If the entire scrotum is filled with sebaceous cysts wider excision and plastic reconstruction of scrotum may be needed.
1) Are there any side effects of excision of sebaceous cyst of scrotum? Excision of sebaceous cyst of scrotum may result in minimal risk of infection, bleeding.
2) What is the recovery time after excision of sebaceous cyst of scrotum? It is a day care procedure. You can go home same day after couple of hours. You can return to normal work routine in 24 hours.
3) Can excision of sebaceous cyst of scrotum be performed under local anaesthesia?
It is performed under local. No overnight hospital stay is required.
4) Intercourse after excision of sebaceous cyst of scrotum procedure? You can resume sexual activity when you are comfortable. It does not affect your sexual function.
5) Does Insurance cover excision of sebaceous cyst of scrotum? Our team will work with you to help determine whether your Health Insurance cover expenses of the surgery.
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