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What is a varicocele?

A varicocele is enlarged and tortuous veins within the scrotum (the loose bag of skin that holds your testicles).

Do I have a varicocele?

You may have no symptoms associated with a varicocele. However, you might experience:

  • a lump in one of your testicles
  • swelling in your scrotum
  • visibly enlarged or twisted veins in your scrotum, which are often described as looking like a bag of worms
  • a dull, recurring pain in your scrotum
  • How common are varicocele?

    Varicoceles are common. They can be found in 15 percent of the adult male population and around 20 percent of adolescent males. They are more common in males aged 15 to 25.

    Varicoceles generally form during puberty and are more commonly found on the left side of your scrotum. Varicoceles can exist on both sides, but it is rare. 

    What are the complications of varicocele?

    This condition can have an effect on fertility. Varicocele is present in 40 percent of men with primary infertility (a couple that has not conceived a child after at least one year of trying ) and in 40 to 80 percent of men with secondary infertility ( a couples that have conceived at least once but are not able to conceive again).

    How is varicocele diagnosed?

    Varicocele is diagnosed after a physical examination by your doctor. Your scrotum will be examined both in standing up and lying down position.

    A varicocele may not be felt or seen when you’re lying down.

    Scrotal ultrasound helps measure the size of the spermatic veins and allows your doctor to get a detailed, accurate picture of the condition.

    Do I need treatment for my varicocele?

    It is not always necessary to treat a varicocele. However, you may want to consider treatment if the varicocele:

  • causes pain
  • causes testicular atrophy (to become smaller in size)
  • causes infertility
  • You may also want to consider treatment if you are thinking about assisted reproductive techniques (test-tube baby).

    How is it treated?


    A varicocelectomy is a same-day surgery. It can be done by open microscopic surgery or by laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

    Varicocele embolization

    Varicocele embolization is a less invasive, same-day procedure. A small catheter is inserted into a groin or neck vein. A coil is then placed into the catheter and into the varicocele and blocks them.


    1) Are there any side effects of varicocelectomy?

    Varicocelectomy have minimal risk of infection, haemorrhage

    2) What is the recovery time after varicocelectomy?

    It is a day care procedure. You can go home same day after couple of hours. You can return to normal work routine in 24 hours.

    3) Can varicocelectomy be performed under local anaesthesia?

    Varicocelectomy is better done under spinal or general anaesthesia.

    4) Intercourse after varicocelectomy procedure?

    Wait for at least four weeks before you resume sexual activity.

    5) Does Insurance cover varicocelectomy?

    Our team will work with you to help determine whether your Health Insurance cover expenses of the surgery.

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